Microsoft begins re-releasing Windows 10 October update after fixing file deletion bug

For those of you that did not see the news earlier in the week, Microsoft was forced to pull the Windows 10 update released for October due to an expected data loss issue.  Microsoft has since fixed that update and re-released it for beta tester verification.  Please continue to monitor this process to ensure you safely patch your Windows 10 environments.

Windows 10 Pro is a dead end for the enterprise, Gartner says

Now we see support restrictions and limitations entering the debate between Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise for business environments.  We have already seen the challenges surrounding Windows 10 Pro and the limitations it presents in a 2016 Active Directory environment.  Many controls and GPO options do not exist.  Now we face the possibility of limited support timeframes.  Microsoft is certainly forcing the decision making process for many businesses and Enterprise has a much steeper price tag.

Microsoft Ends Security Updates for Windows 10 Version 1507

We are no longer dealing only with “end of support” notices for previous OS’s within the Microsoft family.  Now Microsoft is ending security updates for versions of the existing support OS platform, in this case Windows 10.   Please verify your versions and update accordingly.

Windows 10 haters: Try Linux on Kaby Lake chips with Dell’s new XPS 13

Given the many security challenges and loopholes in the new Windows 10 OS, combined with Microsoft’s new all or nothing patching strategy, another alternative OS and hardware platform is always welcome.  I am thrilled to see Dell embracing dedicated hardware configurations for these Linux flavors.  Add in MacOS and we are starting to see real options beyond the legacy footprint of MS Windows.

Windows 10 cumulative update KB 3176934 breaks PowerShell

Though the news of this update problem with Windows 10 is sad on a variety of levels, I share it here primarily because it demonstrates a serious problem with the cumulative patching approach Microsoft has adopted.  These types of problems are going to cause more and more people to lose faith in the patching process, building the assumption that patches break more things than they fix.  There was a similar mentality in the early builds of Windows 95.  This is bad…very bad.  Security updates are critical and need to be trusted by consumers.

67% of Windows users in the UK lean toward a swap to Mac

I am not surprised by these statistics and frankly I think the number will only rise of those willing to forego Windows for another operating system once the changes in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update are released and applied.  There are simply too many privacy concerns and configuration limitations in Windows 10 for the security conscious public.