U.S. Govt Orders Purge Of Kaspersky Products From Its Networks

Should we really be shocked that an organization co-founded by a KGB educated individual which continues to perform project work for the Russian FSB is not deemed trustworthy by the Unites States government after the election cycle of 2016?  I believe the phrase “better safe than sorry” is a bit of an understatement.



Officials fear Russia could try to target US through popular software firm under FBI scrutiny

This is a curious development, though one is forced to wonder if this is a credible threat or simply a general concern that finds itself elevated in the public eye because it became part of a classified memo.  Kaspersky Labs is not a government owned entity, but its back channel ties to Russian Government officials is unclear.  Lenovo has faced similar criticism in the past, but unlike Kaspersky, and to the best of my knowledge, it is funded and partially owned and managed by the government of the People’s Republic of China.

This is certainly an interesting twist on the “Buy American” craze of my early childhood.


The US gets its first Chief Information Security Officer

Gen. Touhill seems to be a competent and capable individual.  Unfortunately, he is walking into an environment that needs tremendous help, largely due to a lack of focus and attention.  I wish him the best and believe this is a sound move on the part of the US Government to address cybersecurity concerns.


Will White House, currently mulling bill, remain mum on encryption?

I am not delusional.  I realize that this topic will not dominate the presidential election debate.  But, frankly, it should.  In the 21st Century, a citizen and his/her data are effectively one.  Data has become our livelihood.  It has become our identity.  It must be protected.  It’s security is at the heart of Liberty.  US legislators are making decisions now that will affect the security of PII for generations to come.  Please take your civic responsibility seriously this November and beyond.


China Denies Responsibility for U.S. Federal Data Breach

This breach in the greater context of other compromises and data losses within the federal government should cause everyone to pause.  Great debate has taken place in our nation’s capital over the last several months concerning cyber legislation to encourage data exchanges between and within the public and private sectors and to more firmly regulate cyber preparedness for US businesses.  Yet in that same period of time, we have this latest breach couples with significant losses at the State Department and the IRS.  I sincerely believe our government needs to have an inward focus in the short term before pushing for larger legislative initiatives.