90% of Enterprise iPhone Users Open to iMessage Spy Attack

This situation is yet another example of why patch and update management is such a vital component of every enterprise and individual user.  Please take the time to verify your Apple iOS devices and update your firmware accordingly.


Cisco Patches Two Dozen Serious Flaws in Nexus Switches

We all tend to get caught up in patching and updating our Windows environments and, when time permits, tackling the 3rd party patch needs that come with Adobe, Java and other add-on applications.  Don’t lose sight of your network infrastructure and the firmware that powers your network backplanes and critical edge devices.  Please review your environments and update your Cisco devices accordingly.


Microsoft begins re-releasing Windows 10 October update after fixing file deletion bug

For those of you that did not see the news earlier in the week, Microsoft was forced to pull the Windows 10 update released for October due to an expected data loss issue.  Microsoft has since fixed that update and re-released it for beta tester verification.  Please continue to monitor this process to ensure you safely patch your Windows 10 environments.


Apple iOS users taste Android anxiety with nasty CoreGraphics image flaw

Now is the time to review your Apple MacOS and iOS deployments and patch accordingly.  There are several relevant and timely security updates for most of the Apple Operating Systems available this week.



Windows 10 forced update KB 3135173 changes browser and other defaults

Microsoft is at it again with their update strategy of forcing the world into the Windows 10 mold.  Now, they are forcibly resetting default application choices and pointing all users back to Microsoft applications.  This is sad on a whole new level.