Safer Internet Day: 3 things your social networks can do for you

All of the advice in this article is sound, but to be honest and in my humble opinion, the most valuable point made here or in general concerning social media and security is the absolute need for two-factor / multi-factor authentication.  This must become a component of everything we do online.

NIST Recommends SMS Two-Factor Authentication Deprecation

This is an intriguing draft document by NIST concerning SMS and two-factor authentication.  This is a commonly used technique for many two-factor providers so conversion to more secure methods may take time.  This is certainly not a finalized recommendation and adoption will take time if it moves forward.

Krebs – Citing Attack, GoToMyPC Resets All Passwords

I mentioned this yesterday and many other times in the past, but I will mention it again, if you are having to go through the process of resetting your password due to this breach, go ahead and take the time to set up two-factor authentication.  It is simple, easy, and can prevent a breach in the event of lost or compromised credentials.