UVA Defeats UMBC, in Stunning Upset

Revenge is certainly a dish best served cold!  In all seriousness, these types of competitions are so valuable in terms of growing and fostering strong cybersecurity talent.  Congrats to UVA, UMBC and all the schools working hard to educate the next generation of IT security talent!


Most Orgs Worried Skills Gap Will Leave Them Exposed to Security Flaws

Interesting statistics…change is inevitable.  Skills must grow and change and adapt to meet the demands of IT growth and consumer demand in these spaces.


10 Respected Providers of IT Security Training

I am a user/participate/member of several of the organizations on this list and I can honestly say there is tremendous value in this content.  Continuing education is absolutely vital to the success of IT Security professionals the programs they oversee.  Please review and take advantage of these resources.