Book Review: The Phoenix Project

I read this book a couple of years ago, and at the time, I was employed by a rather large regional retail organization dealing with very similar issues.  I found myself replacing the names of the characters in the book with those of my own co-workers as I read and suffering a profound sense of deja vu.  I cannot recommend this book strongly enough to anyone working in or with a business of any significant size, in IT or not.  Gene Kim and team have put together a story both entertaining and truly educational.  You will come away with an eyeopening respect for DevOps, business goals, and the role of IT in business.

I had the pleasure of meeting Gene at a conference not long after the book came out and my respect for him and his mission to educate the world on the challenges of effective devops has only grown since.

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I tweeted this article out yesterday, but wanted to go ahead and add a few comments.  I have personally read a few of these books and many of the others are on my reading list.  I am a particular fan of “The Phoenix Project” for anyone who has worked in an IT shop, specifically one in Retail.  I started seeing co-workers on every page.  Gene Kim and team did an excellent job capturing the realities and hopes of DevOps.

I also just finished “SpamNation”.  Kudos to Brian Krebs for all of his efforts to make all of us safer from criminals and spambots the world over.  I also want to complement the Epilogue.  Mr. Krebs took the time to provide some very sound advice to his readers.