Safer Internet Day: 3 things your social networks can do for you

All of the advice in this article is sound, but to be honest and in my humble opinion, the most valuable point made here or in general concerning social media and security is the absolute need for two-factor / multi-factor authentication.  This must become a component of everything we do online.

23 Incident Response Tips for Home Computer Use or Unwanted Social Media Attention

This is very sound advice.  Think about bookmarking this list or printing it off and having it handy in the event of malware or a social media intrusion.

Identity Theft Jumps 57% as Fraudsters Target Social Media

These statistics are not unexpected given the wealth of information available via social media.  The mantra of “think before you click” certainly needs to be revised and expanded when it comes to social media.  Consider what you post and what it says about you, your family, and your current status.  Are you home or away?  What might be your preferences or passwords?  Are you revealing clues to the answers to the most common security questions online?