How 154M U.S. voter records will affect Americans’ security – industry reacts

Make no mistake – the American people are surveyed, profiled and data mined continuously during every political season.  This year’s presidential election is a particularly active season, and as this article states, this data is not terribly perishable and clearly not well protected.  These issues need to be addressed on a variety of levels.–industry-reacts/article/505376/

Bankrupt RadioShack to Auction Off Millions of Customer Records

I read this content from a couple of sources over the last two days and continue to be disturbed each time I see it come up on my feeds.  I understand the profitability surrounding the data RadioShack is auctioning off, but it beyond unethical for them to go down this path given the privacy agreement that led to the collection of the data to begin with.  This is yet another example of the nature of data once provided to 3rd parties.  Be aware and prepared.  That audio cable you purchased 12 years ago for your home stereo may lead to your addition to several less than savory email lists.