America wonders what path Trump will tread on cybersecurity

Privacy is a concern as we move forward with this administration.  I am curious to watch President-Elect Trump’s position on IT security and privacy mature over the first 100 days.

What the Trump win means for tech, science, and beyond

For everyone who has finished their 3rd or 4th cup of coffee after a long night of watching election results and is awake enough to work through some tech content, here is a good article on the effects of a Trump presidency on technology and science issues.

Where do US presidential candidates stand on privacy and surveillance?

I believe this portion of the election debate will be largely carried out in the general election once the parties have united around a single candidate each.  That said, this article is well worth a read to help you understand where your potential candidate stands and whether or not you should reconsider your primary vote.

Trump Hotel chain investigates potential payment card breach

This is not a particularly interesting or exciting breach story in and of itself, but given Mr. Trump’s political ambitions, this story has some significance.  Specifically, I am curious if it will spur the media into pressing the issue of cyber security into the presidential campaign cycle.  Where each candidate stands on this issue is important as the next President of the United States will face a period of unprecedented growth in cyber attacks and associated threats and will be tasked with hardening the US infrastructure appropriately.