London Heathrow Airport’s security laid bare by one lost USB stick

This issue at London Heathrow Airport certainly speaks to issues associated with both physical security and the potential for insider threats.  It is an eery reminder of the potential damage associated with lost or stolen portable media as well.

3 Lessons From Heartland Breach The Second Time Around

The article concerning a physical theft of computers from Heartland is a great reminder of the importance of physical security and encryption for all devices, not just those computers that might be taken home for the weekend or on a business trip.

A Lockpick School In a Box Gets You a Degree In Breaking and Entering

There is a strong argument that security professionals should know the fundamentals of lock construction and penetration because physical security is a basic component of a layered security approach.  Lock selection and testing is certainly a good set of skills to have.  That said, as many of the article commentators point out, there are other less expensive avenues to explore to build these skills.  This is definitely a fun starting point in the lock picking game to consider.