Schneier – On the Security of Password Managers

This is a very interesting read.  I do not believe these noted issues should warrant the abandonment of password management tools.  As the author states, much of the security concern lies in whether or not you consider your workstation secure and trusted.  Password managers in combination with multi-factor authentication mechanisms is a sound and strong approach to credentials management.

SANS Ouch! Newsletter: Password Managers

This is a great article from the team at SANS with strong content around the value of using a password manager to organize your credentials.  Also, this is a fresh new interface on the SANS site.  Take a moment to look around and enjoy the great IT security content.

LastPass password manager “zero-day” bug hits the news

This is a very good, common sense explanation of the “zero-day” vulnerability that has been discussed in the press for the popular password manager LastPass.  I agree that caution is warranted, but I do not believe it is time to wholesale abandon the product or the use of password managers in general.  Watch for the patch and apply as soon as possible.