Mobile Ransomware Jumps 50% in a Year

The threat is becoming more and more relevant each and every day.  Basic precautions with your mobile device are no longer sufficient.  There is a real need for mature mobile device anti-malware protections.  Also, mobile device management can provide a limited mitigating control.

How to delete your smartphone data securely before selling your device

This is some sound mobile device management advice for your Friday afternoon.  All of us face the fun challenge of upgrading and replacing mobile devices on what seems to be a fairly frequent basis.  Take heed of this advice before you trash or resell your old smartphone or tablet.

Report: Average American Will Use 22GB of Mobile Data Per Month In 2021

There are some staggering statistics in the Ericsson Mobility Report, specifically around the growth in number of devices used and the amount of data projected to be consumed.  Take a moment to consider the security of your mobile devices.  How easily can you lose valuable data through the loss or compromise of your smartphone or tablet?  There are strong options for mobile device management and security, so take the time to make good decisions now.

America is using a staggering amount of mobile data now

Staggering is a good word to describe the stats in this article.  This is truly a massive amount of data.  And it brings to mind a very important question – how secure are all those mobile devices?  Please take the time to consider the security of your mobile devices.  We are no longer tethered to a CAT5 cable and the bad guys know that.  Are critical data is traveling with us and it needs to be safe and secure.

FTC orders Apple, Google, Microsoft, Blackberry, Samsung to divulge mobile security practices

I would personally love to see and read through the responses to this inquiry by the FTC.  I am hopeful a public record matrix is provided.   This type of information and the changes that come from a public forum discussion are invaluable to the cause of better security patch management for mobile devices.

Report: 14% of doctors keep patient data on cell phones, don’t use password

These statistics are staggering, especially considering the wealth of strong and easy to deploy mobile device management platforms on the market.  This issue is partly due to a lack of communication and and understanding.  The rest of the problem firmly lies in the realm of ease of use and ego.