Mobile Ransomware Jumps 50% in a Year

The threat is becoming more and more relevant each and every day.  Basic precautions with your mobile device are no longer sufficient.  There is a real need for mature mobile device anti-malware protections.  Also, mobile device management can provide a limited mitigating control.

Report: Average American Will Use 22GB of Mobile Data Per Month In 2021

There are some staggering statistics in the Ericsson Mobility Report, specifically around the growth in number of devices used and the amount of data projected to be consumed.  Take a moment to consider the security of your mobile devices.  How easily can you lose valuable data through the loss or compromise of your smartphone or tablet?  There are strong options for mobile device management and security, so take the time to make good decisions now.

Securing Your New Tablet

This is a great piece of advice from the team at SANS.  For the record, if you are part of a business or organization that provides or supports tablets and smartphones, please consider Mobile Device Management solutions as a mechanism to ensure this advice is enforced throughout your organization.

Click to access OUCH-201601_en.pdf


Click to access OUCH-201601_en.pdf

Worried about cyberattacks on US power grid? Stop taking selfies at work

This article is a great example of the risks associated with mobile devices and other personal electronics in the workplace.  SCADA environments are not alone in their risk levels and concerns.  There are strong MDM (mobile device management) strategies to address these problems and they should be considered by all organizations.

Protect Yourself by Protecting Others

I could not agree more with this article.  One of the best ways to an end user’s heart is through their personal content.  Teach security fundamentals at a personal device level and those behaviors will carry over to the work place.  Also, remember the value of MDM (Mobile Device Management) when it comes to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programs.  End device encryption is key.  Also, consider the fact that many employees will try very hard to use their personal devices regardless of policy, so a strong MDM can have value with or without a formal BYOD strategy.