Apple scrambles to fix FaceTime eavesdropping bug

This is a huge miss on the part of Apple to allow this level of flaw/vulnerability into the wild.  If rumors are true, this issue was also covered up for a bit while a patch was under construction.  Please take the time to disable FaceTime on your iOS and MacOS devices immediately until a patch can be distributed by Apple.

Microsoft is embracing Chromium, bringing Edge to Windows 7, Windows 8, and macOS

This is an intriguing development, even for Microsoft.  The implications of porting Edge to non-Microsoft platforms have the potential to be far reaching for both developers and businesses tied to compatibility requirements surrounding the Microsoft browser platform.

Safer browsing coming soon to MacOS Chrome users

It’s about time Google decided to care about those of us who choose to browse the Internet from a Mac.  In all seriousness, long gone are the days when Mac users can live under the security blanket of obscurity, fueled by the assumption that no one bothers to write viruses for MacOS.  The threat of infection is real and so should be the tools we use to defend against it.

Apple Works to Fix Serious Mac Security Bug

If you are a Mac user or have Mac users you support, please take time to mitigate this problem by setting the root password by following the instructions provided by Apple and referenced in these articles.  Hopefully a patch is coming soon.

Free Mac-Based Ransomware-as-a-Service MacRansom Surfaces

This particular threat has been widely reported over the last several days, and frankly it warrants the attention of all Mac users.  Based on the nature of the ransomware encryption algorithm, it is quite possible that once infected, there will be no way to decrypt files, even if the bitcoin ransom is paid.  Be very careful when opening any files, especially those unexpected or from an unknown source.

Apple iOS users taste Android anxiety with nasty CoreGraphics image flaw

Now is the time to review your Apple MacOS and iOS deployments and patch accordingly.  There are several relevant and timely security updates for most of the Apple Operating Systems available this week.