Feds got search warrant demanding anyone’s fingerprints to open phones

The definition of privacy seems to be continually evolving on America’s legal system.  Knowledge is protected, but physical attributes are not.  Are we heading toward the need for multi-factor authentication for personal devices already under our control?  Does the end outweigh the means in this situation?  I have a feeling this debate is far from over.


5 Law Enforcement & Emergency Response Bodies IT Departments Should Know

This is very sound advice and each organization should connect with and come to know those in Law Enforcement tasked with keeping them safe and helping them respond to an emergency or breach.


Snoopers gonna snoop: IP Bill to give phone hacking powers

In conjunction with the ongoing debate surrounding backdoors and personal security on mobile devices and other technologies, a bill has been presented in Great Britain to force companies to provide devices with law enforcement backdoors.  This is dangerous legislation that will hopefully face an uphill battle.