Medical data breach leads to a record cash settlement

I am not a fan of litigation for the sake of litigation.  This is not a case of a money grab.  The level of information left unsecure and publicly available is astonishing and this hospital has earned the right to be on the losing end of this legal battle.  Kudos to the patients that stood up and fought the good fight.  Hopefully this ruling becomes a deterrent for other organizations not taking IT security seriously.

Hackers Demand $3.6 Million from Hollywood Hospital Following Cyber-Attack

This article demonstrates the undeniable affect of a computer outage on a medical facility, and, therefore, why the limited constructs of HIPAA and its security rule are not enough to properly secure such a critical and sensitive environment.

Minutes and even seconds matter during a medical crisis.  Having to divert patients to other, more distant facilities is unacceptable.