Fixing Hacks Has Deadly Impact on Hospitals

This is a truly sobering report and points to the need for focused planning and preparation when considering cyber threats in critical industries.  Hospitals can be viewed as microcosms of a larger threat.  If critical infrastructure was significantly hampered due to an attack and the response was slow or inadequate, we could see injury and death on a truly massive scale at the local, regional or even national level.

Claims that Russia hacked the US election and power grid are ‘overblown’

Setting aside the allegations of Russian hacking attempts surrounding the election, these latest claims involving the Vermont power grid are a bit of a stretch.  As this article states,  Grizzly Steppe is a fairly common malware variant and could have been leveraged by any number of entities.  It frankly could have landed on the laptop in question accidentally through a completely separate exploit path.  Malware, once in the wild, can rarely be tied to any specific organization or nation state.  Once it has proven its worth, any number of bad actors will begin to use it.

White House Announces Retaliatory Measures For Russian Election Hacking

Retribution…Proportional response…these are simple phrases intended to calm the masses and justify actions.  Many times these phrases are both necessary and warranted.  In today’s case, my fears are fueled by the nature of diplomatic “one-upsmanship” that can take place in this scenario.  Russia does not view the score as now even.  Round two and three and four are coming.  Be prepared!