FBI Warns Parents of Edtech Security Risk

This is not surprising.  Our classrooms are inundated with technology and for a very good reason.  Interactive technology is how our children now learn and communicate.  It has become an integral part of life, and as such, it has become a target for cybercriminals.  Just as integral needs to be awareness education for these same children starting a very early age and reinforced throughout the education process.


Krebs – FBI: Kindly Reboot Your Router Now, Please

Thank you to Mr. Krebs for the excellent coverage.  Whether this announcement by the FBI and Cisco is truly urgent or a little more cautious than necessary, the underlying security procedures are sound.  Please keep your firmware current.  Rotate all your system passwords and use stronger randomized values whenever possible.  These simple steps can provide better, long term security.


Judge tosses evidence obtained by FBI malware planted on dark website

This is a curious article, especially given its conclusion.  I do not believe that the FBI has been restricted in any significant way by this ruling.  I simply believe the warrant process has been better clarified.  There is and will continue to be a mechanism for this type of data collection by law enforcement in the US.