Equifax Breach Fallout: Your Salary History

And the hits keep coming…

If you have worked with a larger corporation that has engaged in business with Equifax, the news in this article should not come as a surprise.  These data feeds have always had a fear factor associated with them, but some solace came with the notion that Equifax was carefully securing the data on the back end.  I believe they were taking great care at one point, but that process degraded over time as the organization grew and the data was more heavily monetized.


Equifax: More News, More Advice & More Finger Pointing

I don’t believe any proof of blame will be uncovered in the short term concerning the Equifax breach, though plenty of fingers will be pointed in a variety of directions.  It will take time and sound forensic analysis before we really know the truth.  The following are a few more recent articles detailing more of the what/when/how/why of this situation:




Why the Equifax breach is very possibly the worst leak of personal info ever

I am including links to several articles surrounding the Equifax breach, and I cannot stress enough the magnitude of this breach based on the extremely sensitivity of the data hosted at Equifax.  Please be diligent in your credit monitoring practices.  Strongly consider freezing your credit through all three major bureaus to protect against identity theft.  Please take this breach seriously.