What the CIA WikiLeaks dump tells us: Encryption works

This article provides an interesting discussion concerning the value of encryption as one layer of defense for sensitive data, but please do not lose sight of the absolute fact that encryption is not a panacea.  No defensive mechanism is perfect.

Defenses should be deployed in layers and plans should always be in place to mitigate the effects of eventual data compromise and loss.  You can limit the effect of the problem, but you cannot eliminate the risk.


Will White House, currently mulling bill, remain mum on encryption?

I am not delusional.  I realize that this topic will not dominate the presidential election debate.  But, frankly, it should.  In the 21st Century, a citizen and his/her data are effectively one.  Data has become our livelihood.  It has become our identity.  It must be protected.  It’s security is at the heart of Liberty.  US legislators are making decisions now that will affect the security of PII for generations to come.  Please take your civic responsibility seriously this November and beyond.


The Apple v. FBI Showdown – additional info

Here are a couple of additional articles concerning the Apple v. FBI case.  Brian Krebs provides a fairly good, unbiased overview of the situation and Sophos is providing clarification concerning the password reset component currently in the news.  This situation is far from over, so I will try to provide relevant content as it becomes available.