45% of Businesses Say Employees Are Biggest Security Risk

These statistics certainly echo the reality of IT security in business.  Employees, either maliciously or accidentally cause many of the security problems that businesses face on a day-in, day-out basis.  User education and proper training can offset this risk over time.


With Billions Spent on Cybersecurity, Why Are Problems Getting Worse?

I agree with the message of this article and specifically endorse the truth that real, effective cyber security begins with your employees.  That said, the fact cannot be overlooked that good technology is being purchased, but is not being properly or consistently used.  Add to this the fact that technologies are being purchased as point solutions for compliance requirements, but not leveraged across all the other valuable data sets within the organization.


Cybersecurity unemployment rate at zero

Though I love job security as much as the next person, these statistics are not a good thing.  We need more IT security professionals in the market and coming down the pipeline to meet the threats we are facing head on.  I agree that young, less experienced talent needs to be given a chance and grown within business to succeed.  I have worked with team members new to security who in a short period of time met and then exceeded my expectations.