Why a massive DDoS attack on a blogger has internet experts worried

DOS and DDOS attacks are far from a thing of the past or something that is easily mitigated.  Mr. Krebs has taught us that over the last week.  Organizations should take their preparations very seriously.


Infosec Pros Fear Growing DDoS Ransom Threat

DDOS is not a new threat, but the ransomware component adds a new wrinkle and places security folks a bit more on edge.  This is especially at issue for organizations who are bandwidth dependent for websites and other services.


DDoS Attack Powered by 25,000 CCTV Cameras

At the end of the day, computing power is computing power, so leveraging CCTV systems to launch an attack makes sense.  Proper system hardening often stops at the systems with which we are most comfortable or the systems that fall under some compliance or regulatory requirement.  But this article demonstrates a painful truth – all computer systems are vulnerable and all pose a threat if we do not secure, update, patch and harden them appropriately.


Cowards Attack Sony PlayStation, Microsoft xBox Networks

Krebs said it well.  This was a pathetic and cowardly act.  As a father simply hoping to enjoy watching his wife and children play their new gaming platform only to be turned away by a network failure, I was seriously annoyed to hear it was a DDOS attack.  This cowardly act should be shared with the public and these sad little thugs should be called out just as Krebs has done.