Millennials changing the face of cybersecurity

There are some very interesting stats in this article and, frankly, some painful truths.  Our shift in mentality toward constant access and dependency on social media has weakened our overall security stance.

Political Positions On Cybersecurity Matter To Millennials

I appreciate the sentiment of this article and do agree that there are long term ramifications politically if cybersecurity is not addressed appropriately as a plank in a party’s or candidate’s platform, but I do not think it is a significant factor in the elections of 2016.  This issue is unfortunately still largely generational.  By the mid-terms of 2018 or the presidential election of 2020, cybersecurity will be an issue more on the front lines of the political process.—-/d/d-id/1327149

Cybersecurity unemployment rate at zero

Though I love job security as much as the next person, these statistics are not a good thing.  We need more IT security professionals in the market and coming down the pipeline to meet the threats we are facing head on.  I agree that young, less experienced talent needs to be given a chance and grown within business to succeed.  I have worked with team members new to security who in a short period of time met and then exceeded my expectations.