Fixing Hacks Has Deadly Impact on Hospitals

This is a truly sobering report and points to the need for focused planning and preparation when considering cyber threats in critical industries.  Hospitals can be viewed as microcosms of a larger threat.  If critical infrastructure was significantly hampered due to an attack and the response was slow or inadequate, we could see injury and death on a truly massive scale at the local, regional or even national level.

ICS-CERT 2015 Report: Critical Infrastructure Sector Sees Spike in Cyber Attacks

Given the recent conversations in the news concerning SCADA security and threats to critical infrastructure, this article is particularly compelling.  Given the included statistics, there is a clear spike in these types of attacks, and there is a clear motivation by both individuals and nation states to target this type of infrastructure.

Cyberterrorists Attack on Critical Infrastructure Could Be Imminent

As this article clearly states in its opening paragraphs, these types of headlines are not simply FUD statements intended to stir up the masses.  There is a serious issue that must be addressed with this country’s and indeed the world’s critical infrastructure.  Cyber security is a real need and an area that should be addressed sooner rather than later.