The Value in Freezing Your Credit

I have spoken about this process in the past, but in light of the recent Equifax breach, this advice is once again both timely and sound.  Here are a couple of great links to help you better understand the process.

Krebs – The Lowdown on Freezing Your Kid’s Credit

Brian Krebs is providing some very valuable information in this article concerning children and the ability of parents to invoke a credit freeze on their behalf.  This is an excellent defense against identity theft and is well worth an investigation.

Krebs – OPM Breach: Credit Monitoring vs. Freeze

I have been pondering an article on the value of credit freezing for some time now, but Mr. Krebs has done an excellent job discussing the virtues of such a practice in the context of a well-known breach and the promise of free credit monitoring, so I share it with you now.  I am a proponent of credit freezes as well, but I also particularly appreciate the attention this article pays to monitoring the credit of minor dependents, especially in light of the recent VTech breach.