Krebs -Breached Credit Union Comes Out of its Shell

This is a fun read from Brian Krebs on the compromise of a credit union in California and their complete unwillingness to believe the breach was real.  I both smiled and cringed the entire time I was reading the blog post.

CISO Holiday Bookshelf

I tweeted this article out yesterday, but wanted to go ahead and add a few comments.  I have personally read a few of these books and many of the others are on my reading list.  I am a particular fan of “The Phoenix Project” for anyone who has worked in an IT shop, specifically one in Retail.  I started seeing co-workers on every page.  Gene Kim and team did an excellent job capturing the realities and hopes of DevOps.

I also just finished “SpamNation”.  Kudos to Brian Krebs for all of his efforts to make all of us safer from criminals and spambots the world over.  I also want to complement the Epilogue.  Mr. Krebs took the time to provide some very sound advice to his readers.

Cyber Security Needs Its Ralph Nader

I really love the premise of this article.  The American people and in fact the people of world need an advocate for cyber security.  As I have written before in this blog, we are quickly becoming desensitized the impact of breaches in American retail environments, yet the risks are not going away.  In fact, they are statistically increasing along with the number of attacks.  Several journalists and security professionals are starting to step up, and chief among them is Brian Krebs.  But even Mr. Krebs would argue that cyber security needs more traction.  We are basically unsafe at any bandwidth speed.