Best Practices in Healthcare Information Security

This article is certainly on point and is full of great advice for any medical practice.  That said, the biggest challenge is the section focused on culture.  Culture in medical practices can be challenging because big egos are often involved.  Medical practices are comprised of highly educated and motivated professionals, often at the top of their respective fields which creates an environment where the need to turn to other professionals in other fields more difficult.  If I mastered all the aspects of my professional specialty, surely I can master the demands of IT and IT security.  Sound familiar?

LinkedIn settles class action suit over 2012 unsalted password leak

I am posting this article not because I believe that all the premium Linkedin customers need to run out and lay claim to their $1 payout.  I am posting it because I believe it is important that we continue to point out that services providers and retailers and businesses in general have a responsibility to protect customer data through sound industry best practices.