Top 10 Breaches and Leaky Server Screw Ups of 2019

This post is intended to be a little more than simply a stroll down memory lane in the IT security world of 2019.  Take a moment to consider each one of these incidents and how each could affect you and your organization.  Have you executed on any lessons learned?  Have you mitigated or remediated all associated vulnerabilities?  Are you monitoring for future activity?  We need to learn from these types of incidents and strive to continually get stronger.  Enjoy the read.

10 Highlights: Cryptographers’ Panel at RSA Conference 2019

This session at the RSA Conference has long been one of my favorite moments each year in the world of IT security.  These luminaries in the world of cryptography and, as an extension, IT security always provide interesting and thought-provoking insights into the ebb and flow role of cryptography in our world today.  Please enjoy this recap!