April 2018 Patch Tuesday is Here

Take a moment to review your servers/endpoints and patching mechanisms to ensure all applicable updates are being downloaded and deployed.



Ransomware Dominates the Verizon DBIR

Raise your hand if you were surprised by the finding in the report pointing to ransomware as the most significant and growing threat in the malware space.  Not many hands up in the air.  We all know ransomware is a serious and ever evolving problem.  It is time we ramp up our ITSec to head this threat off.  Build reliable, tested and frequent backups.  Segment your networks.  Prepare!


Panera Bread Slammed After Keeping Massive Data Leak Quiet for Eight Months

No only is this yet another example of a significant breach of personal customer information, but it appears Panera worked very hard cover up this breach.  Please be diligent in reviewing your personal information if you utilized this service from their website.  Thank you to Mr. Krebs for his excellent reporting.



Fixing Hacks Has Deadly Impact on Hospitals

This is a truly sobering report and points to the need for focused planning and preparation when considering cyber threats in critical industries.  Hospitals can be viewed as microcosms of a larger threat.  If critical infrastructure was significantly hampered due to an attack and the response was slow or inadequate, we could see injury and death on a truly massive scale at the local, regional or even national level.