Apple scrambles to fix FaceTime eavesdropping bug

This is a huge miss on the part of Apple to allow this level of flaw/vulnerability into the wild.  If rumors are true, this issue was also covered up for a bit while a patch was under construction.  Please take the time to disable FaceTime on your iOS and MacOS devices immediately until a patch can be distributed by Apple.

NEW! KnowBe4 Offers No-Cost Children’s Interactive Cybersecurity Activity Kit

I am a big fan of any resource that can lead to keeping kids safer while online.  This is a link to free material including workbooks and videos from the team at KnowBe4.  Please take a look and consider sharing this with your kids or with local school resources.  It is very important we move the cIT security conversation forward with young internet users.

Krebs – How the U.S. Govt. Shutdown Harms Security

This is yet another reason why, regardless which side of the political aisle you call home, the current partial government shutdown is a bad thing.  We cannot afford as a nation to allow our cybersecurity to be weakened, even for a brief window of time.  Thank you, Mr. Krebs for shining a bright light on this issue.