Mapping the ATT&CK Framework to CIS Controls

This is a wonderful illustration of the process that many of us should consider working through – how does a particular threat framework map to our existing security framework.  In this situation, the author is attempting to map the ATT&CK framework to the CIS Critical Controls, but this exercise could just as easily have involved NIST or FFIEC or another framework.  Consider the value of exploring and recognizing your strengths and weaknesses in a more real-time sense.

Windows 10 Pro is a dead end for the enterprise, Gartner says

Now we see support restrictions and limitations entering the debate between Windows 10 Pro and Windows 10 Enterprise for business environments.  We have already seen the challenges surrounding Windows 10 Pro and the limitations it presents in a 2016 Active Directory environment.  Many controls and GPO options do not exist.  Now we face the possibility of limited support timeframes.  Microsoft is certainly forcing the decision making process for many businesses and Enterprise has a much steeper price tag.