Krebs – FBI: Kindly Reboot Your Router Now, Please

Thank you to Mr. Krebs for the excellent coverage.  Whether this announcement by the FBI and Cisco is truly urgent or a little more cautious than necessary, the underlying security procedures are sound.  Please keep your firmware current.  Rotate all your system passwords and use stronger randomized values whenever possible.  These simple steps can provide better, long term security.

An Industry In Transition: Key Tech Trends In 2018

This is certainly an interesting read.  I particularly agree that a shift to Integrity and Availability is coming.  Users are finally starting to understand that cyber threats are not purely matters involving the confidentiality of data.  Uptime and reliability of information are becoming more and more paramount in the minds of the average data consumer.

I am also intrigued by the various paths that blockchain technology is taking.  This is a technology evolution worth paying close attention to.

Top 20 CIS Controls – Control 1 – Inventory and Control of Hardware Assets

The content of this series has been outstanding and the advice is both sound and timely.   Please take a moment and read through this article and the associated entries concerning the CIS Controls.  It could save your data!

Password Reuse Abounds, New Survey Shows

So many words to describe the statistics shared in this article – sad, depressing, pathetic, lazy…did I mention sad and depressing.  There really is no reason for this.  Strong, safe, effective password managers exist.  They are free or cost effective.  They are easy to use.  They truly save time and money.  We really have no good excuse to be in this situation.