WPA2 security issues pose serious Wi-Fi safety questions

The full ramifications of this vulnerability are not known at this time, but it does have the potential to cause serious problems for devices that are slow to patch and/or update.  Some statistics declare more than 40% of Android devices are susceptible today.

Please evaluate your wireless environments and validate you have the most recent firmware in place for all your access points.


Office Depot, Best Buy Pull Kaspersky Products From Shelves

Given the announcement by the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee of Kaspersky’s potential involvement with Russian intelligence, this move and moves like were inevitable.  Kaspersky’s time in the U.S. market is largely over.  I do not believe, whether true or not, they can overcome this stigma.


Equifax Breach Fallout: Your Salary History

And the hits keep coming…

If you have worked with a larger corporation that has engaged in business with Equifax, the news in this article should not come as a surprise.  These data feeds have always had a fear factor associated with them, but some solace came with the notion that Equifax was carefully securing the data on the back end.  I believe they were taking great care at one point, but that process degraded over time as the organization grew and the data was more heavily monetized.


Apple Update Addresses Password Security for Encrypted APFS Volumes

If you are a Mac user and have upgraded to MacOS High Sierra, please take the time to apply the supplemental update released by Apple designed to address this “password hint” issue.