Verticals Vary Widely When it Comes to Prioritizing Cyber

Clearly, the perceived threat of cyber attacks varies across industry verticals, but the actual threat level does not differ greatly.  Most, if not all verticals have data worthy of a cyber attack and are, therefore, targeted on a regular basis.  Due diligence should be universal across the spectrum of industry verticals.

Russia Passes Bill Banning Tor, VPNs

I am not a Libertarian.  I am not a proponent of an absolute freedom of speech.  I believe that certain forms of censorship are necessary to keep the peace and maintain the rule of law and the function of society.  The current situation in Russia and the laws being passed are not this type of censorship.  Many would refer to these laws as a veiled attempt to suppress opposition to government power.  They would be wrong.  There is nothing being veiled.  This is a blatant, obvious attack against the people of Russia in the name of absolute government rule.

We should all be offended.  We should be appalled.  We should defend against these laws with all our might.  Evil can and will spread and no one and no nation is immune.