With Billions Spent on Cybersecurity, Why Are Problems Getting Worse?

I agree with the message of this article and specifically endorse the truth that real, effective cyber security begins with your employees.  That said, the fact cannot be overlooked that good technology is being purchased, but is not being properly or consistently used.  Add to this the fact that technologies are being purchased as point solutions for compliance requirements, but not leveraged across all the other valuable data sets within the organization.


C-Level Represents Biggest Mobile Security Risk

Near continuous use of mobile devices is certainly a concern for C-level employees, but do not take security awareness for granted.  Though individuals in these high ranking positions should be more aware than most of the cyber risks they face, they may not leverage that knowledge and take the right steps to protect themselves.  Continue to educate all employees including your C-suite.  Use that time honored adage from the back of your shampoo bottle – Train / rinse / repeat!