Open Ports Create Backdoors in Millions of Smartphones

Open port vulnerabilities are a serious concern, regardless of the platform involved.  Devices now tend to always be connected to the Internet and someone (bag guys) is always listening.

The Pentagon’s Bug Bounty Program Should Be Expanded to Bases, DOD Official Says

Here is a warm and fuzzy article for everyone paying attention to the budget debate in Washington, DC.  Apparently, IT security and systems upgrades have not been a focus for some time in the Department of Defense, or upgrades have been a focus and Congress has not found a mechanism to provide the funds.  Let’s all hope for the latter.

In case the title is not clear, the article details the fact that up to 75% of core infrastructure systems at DoD are still running Windows XP or older operating systems. That is most certainly a cringe-worthy fact.

Microsoft App Aims to Delete the Password

I listened to an interesting Steve Gibson podcast on this same subject and tend to agree with Steve that this is a decent implementation of a stronger single factor authentication mechanism, but it is far from multi-factor authentication.  This can certainly replace weak passwords with a slightly stronger authentication mechanism, but it most instances, real security will require a second, truly secret authentication factor.