America wonders what path Trump will tread on cybersecurity

Privacy is a concern as we move forward with this administration.  I am curious to watch President-Elect Trump’s position on IT security and privacy mature over the first 100 days.

Holding Shift + F10 During Windows 10 Updates Opens Root CLI, Bypasses BitLocker

Be aware of this back door vulnerability in Windows 10.  Microsoft is working on a fix as it pertains to the privilege escalation issue.

‘Ransomware’ attack halts payments on San Francisco Muni network

It appears everyone in the San Francisco Area got a pre-holiday treat in the form of free rides on the city’s muni system.  Needless to say, as minor as this hack seems to be, remember that the muni system could also be manipulated in other ways that are less friendly.  And this was only one of many critical systems in the city’s IT infrastructure.