500 Million Yahoo Accounts Stolen, Potentially by State Actor

Just a couple of the many articles discussing the 2014 breach of Yahoo that has just now been brought to light…enjoy.



Cybersecurity unemployment rate at zero

Though I love job security as much as the next person, these statistics are not a good thing.  We need more IT security professionals in the market and coming down the pipeline to meet the threats we are facing head on.  I agree that young, less experienced talent needs to be given a chance and grown within business to succeed.  I have worked with team members new to security who in a short period of time met and then exceeded my expectations.


Windows 10 haters: Try Linux on Kaby Lake chips with Dell’s new XPS 13

Given the many security challenges and loopholes in the new Windows 10 OS, combined with Microsoft’s new all or nothing patching strategy, another alternative OS and hardware platform is always welcome.  I am thrilled to see Dell embracing dedicated hardware configurations for these Linux flavors.  Add in MacOS and we are starting to see real options beyond the legacy footprint of MS Windows.