Prepare for trouble: Pokemon Go sparks privacy issues, malware and muggings

Daniel Suarez and others have written (in fiction) about a world in which reality and virtual reality blend together, creating sub-cultures and super-cultures of people and technology coexisting in a pseudo symbiotic relationship.  As funny as this next statement is going to sound, Nintendo and Pokemon Go may have kicked off this evolution in our very real, non-fiction world.

The security issues discussed in this article are to be taken seriously, though they are also quite easily remedied.  When it comes to the actual acquisition of the app, download it from the Google Play store and take the time to make sure you have the proper version.  This should be the practice for all downloads, not just the hottest new craze on the market.  Concerning Google permissions, a patch is forthcoming.  I would consider other authentication mechanisms in the interim if you are concerned about the access granted to the game.  Though we would like to think all developers and companies have our privacy in mind when they present apps and develop code, frankly, the real world simply does not work that way.  They want to meet deadlines and they want to make money and both practices can be hindered by security common sense from time to time.

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