Ransomware Attacks May Trigger Breach Notifications

This is an interesting read in terms of the definition of a breach and how that affects a patient.  It truly hits on the often forgotten corner of the CIA Security triad – Availability.  We tend to focus exclusively on Confidentiality, but the inability to access data in a timely manner is often as if not more important.


Data Left Behind on Two-Thirds of Drives Sold on eBay

The statistics in this article are not unexpected.  In fact, many organizations completely overlook proper media disposal when developing their security procedures.  Aside from traditional HHD’s and SSD’s, organizations should also consider proper disposal of hard drives and memory associated with printers and multi-function devices.


DDoS Attack Powered by 25,000 CCTV Cameras

At the end of the day, computing power is computing power, so leveraging CCTV systems to launch an attack makes sense.  Proper system hardening often stops at the systems with which we are most comfortable or the systems that fall under some compliance or regulatory requirement.  But this article demonstrates a painful truth – all computer systems are vulnerable and all pose a threat if we do not secure, update, patch and harden them appropriately.