Microsoft to block ‘terrorist content’ on its services

I am glad to know that Microsoft is anti-terrorist, though I do find it a bit bizarre that it has come to this.  Who would have thought the EULA would require a terrorism clause.

Tech support scams go with a Bing

It is sad that we have reached this point.  Microsoft is now preventing online support ads in Bing because the high risk of fraud.  I am sure other search engines will follow suit.  This is sad because there are good platforms for providing sound online support.  Users lose in this situation, but I think Microsoft is doing the right thing.

U.S. Cyber Command elevated to unified command unit, White House objects

This is an interesting move for our government and for our nation’s overall defense and offense cyber warfare strategy.  Shane Harris wrote an excellent book called “@War“detailing the birth of US Cyber Command and our country’s cyber warfare programs.  It is well worth a read to provide more context to the legislation at the heart of this article.  I personally believe there is value in detaching this command structure from the NSA, though a mechanism for ongoing cooperation is important.