New Locky ransomware campaign sets sights on Amazon customers

Amazon shoppers and users beware!  There is a new Locky ransomware campaign targeting you.  Please take the time to closely inspect your email messages and take caution when receiving unexpected attachments.  It is highly unlikely that Amazon would ever send you a Word document, so don’t click.  Simply delete!

PCI Standard’s Multi-factor Authentication Mandate Delayed ‘Til 2018

To all of my friends out there working in a PCI-applicable environment, this is good and very relevant news.  You have been granted a reprieve.  A couple of the more difficult compliance requirements in DSS 3.2 (SSL/TLS & multi-factor authentication) have been deferred until 2018.  Please take this time to plan and implement accordingly.

Cisco Talos – The Good Fight

Yes, I freely admit that the following link is marketing material from Cisco.  Yes, I work for an organization that partners with Cisco on many fronts.  That said, this is still an interesting read delving into some the work taking place at Talos.  I must admit, as I have had the opportunity to spend a little time with the security team at Cisco, I am impressed with the resources they are bringing to bear on IT security issues and opportunities.  This fact has only been strengthened with the acquisition and integration of the phenomenal resources of Sourcefire over the last couple of years.  Take a moment and enjoy the read.

America is using a staggering amount of mobile data now

Staggering is a good word to describe the stats in this article.  This is truly a massive amount of data.  And it brings to mind a very important question – how secure are all those mobile devices?  Please take the time to consider the security of your mobile devices.  We are no longer tethered to a CAT5 cable and the bad guys know that.  Are critical data is traveling with us and it needs to be safe and secure.