Peer-Seeking Webcam Reveals the Security Dangers of Internet Things

A big thanks to Larry Skinner for reminding me of this article.  This is terribly sad for the home surveillance tinkerers out there because these are otherwise great little cameras at an affordable price point.

Cyber Threat Assessment: Threat Landscape Report

The CTAP program at Fortinet is a great initiative designed to help organizations better understand the threats in their environments and the value a UTM can bring to overall network security.  I love that Fortinet has consolidated this data in the form of this landscape report.  It is quite eye opening.

Hospitals vulnerable to cyber attacks on just about everything

This is a frightening example of an easily executed and highly successful penetration test in a medical environment.  It demonstrates a very real threat.  Frankly, it would have been highly effective in a variety of environments, so no industry is properly hardened.  This scenario is just a little scarier because of the “life or death” component.

Computer Science Is Now A High School Graduation Requirement In Chicago’s Public School District

This is an important step in the advancement of computer science skills for the next generation of US workers.  Here’s hoping decent IT security components are integrated into this education platform.

Windows 10 lock screen ads begin with Rise of the Tomb Raider push

Do we really need to give the world another reason not to lock their computer desktop??  Given all of the telemetry data Microsoft is already collecting from Windows 10, I did not think there were any other ways to make the OS less private and less secure.  I now stand corrected.