Microsoft to Notify Users of State-Sponsored Hacking Attempts

This is value step in the battle against these types of state sponsored attacked and a strong move toward cooperation and transparency for the major providers in the in IT industry.

CISO Resolutions for 2016

I realize that this article may be largely preaching to the choir, but it is spot on in terms of where efforts need to be focused in the coming year.  Breach preparedness is of paramount importance.  All of us on focused on prevention and mitigation, but at the end of the day, some form of breach, large or small, will happen and you must be prepared in order to weather the storm and shepherd your organization to safe ground.  Please review and take heed.

New York begins turning its payphones into free Wi-Fi hotspots

Though I am honestly interested in the technological aspects of this reuse of infrastructure in NYC and I love the ideas surrounding the re-tasking of phone booths, there is a strong conversation to be had around the risks of free WIFI to the uneducated public.  This article does an excellent job of describing some of the pitfalls and providing a little guidance to the masses.