Cisco Patches Fragmented Packet DoS Vulnerability in ASR 1000 Series

It is important to know and understand the devices you have deployed throughout your organization and what roles those device play in the function and security of your environment.  If you have any Cisco ASR 1000 devices in play, specifically on the edge of your network or with some form of public facing interface, take notice of this patch and apply as soon as possible.  Given the ease of exploitation, this vulnerability will be leveraged in the wild.

Teradata Vulnerability Announced: Big Potential Headaches For Big Data Solution

For those of you managing a big data analytics platform or repository, this article is for you.  Teradata is a fairly popular platform and these types of vulnerabilities should be taken seriously.  All systems should be part of a standardized patching cycle.  No systems are bulletproof.  Even airgaps can be overcome.

Why Companies Are Still Unprepared for the EMV Transition

For those of you not lost in the world of credit card transactions and security measures, EMV is the standard for moving branded credit cards from swipe and sign technologies to chip and pin.  Though sad, the results detailed in this article are in no way surprising.  Many retailers simply do not understand the value of EMV or do not care enough for their customers relative to the potential cost for new pin pads.