User Monitoring Not Keeping Up With Risk Managers’ Needs

The output of this study is intriguing and certainly reinforces the trend in application control, stateful application control, and file integrity monitoring solutions.  Understanding application usage and behavior as well as privilege management are key to detecting and defending against malicious attack.

US Navy pays millions to cling to Windows XP

I must admit that I am absolutely infuriated at the US Navy for putting itself in a situation to have to rely on Windows XP for critical systems.  Everyone, and I do mean everyone, had plenty of warning to upgrade and migrate.  This speaks directly to the bureaucracy and narrow mindedness associated with so many of our government’s programs and processes.  This is why systems are so vulnerable and susceptible to compromise.

Everyone should take heed.  This is an example of what not to do.  This is how systems get compromised and infrastructure breaks down.  Proper life cycle management can prevent this type of issue from happening to any organization.

Windows Server 2003: The “Window” Is Closing For You and 1.76 Million Others

This is a strong summary of the pitfalls associated with continuing to run Windows Server 2003 after the July deadline.  Upgrading is an absolute necessity from a security and/or compliance perspective.