The Internet Of Bring-Your-Own Things

This article really hits home on a couple of levels for me.  I have personally faced off against senior management in a discussion around the risk/reward proposition of bringing “the Internet of Things” devices into the corporate environment such as Apple TV and AirPlay.  This article takes the conversation to another level by considering these devices from the BYOD perspective and how that level of usage exposes potentially sensitive information.  It is well worth a read and your consideration.  The Internet of Things has quickly gone from a novelty to an annoyance to a genuine security risk.  Be aware and be prepared!

5 Social Engineering Attacks to Watch Out For

Social engineering is in many cases the first attack vector for cyber criminals.  A well crafted email or a sincere and confident phone call are often all that is necessary for a criminal to gain access to a targeted computer system or network.  Beware and take heed and seriously consider the content and advice provided in this article from Tripwire.

PoSeidon: New Malware Family Targets Retailers’ Payment Systems

This type of Point-of-Sale malware will continue to be a problem as long as card transactions are transmitted from pin pad to the lane CPU in clear text.  Hardware level encryption at the swipe is a good way to combat this type of CPU memory level attack, but that swipe must remain encryption all the way through the transmission process to the acquiring bank.