Medical Identity Theft Costs Victims $13,450 Apiece

These are important statistics to keep in mind when developing a strategy for defending medical records or general PII held by medical and healthcare providers.  This info is certainly sobering.$13450-apiece/d/d-id/1319210

LinkedIn settles class action suit over 2012 unsalted password leak

I am posting this article not because I believe that all the premium Linkedin customers need to run out and lay claim to their $1 payout.  I am posting it because I believe it is important that we continue to point out that services providers and retailers and businesses in general have a responsibility to protect customer data through sound industry best practices.

Carbanak Malware: How Financial Institutions Can Fight the Epidemic

As more and more information comes out about this attack and the malware used for infiltration, better defensive strategies can be developed and mitigation controls implemented.  Financial institutions and IT security professionals supporting these institutions should take note and take action.

Windows? NO, Linux and Mac OS X Most Vulnerable Operating System In 2014

This is not a terribly surprising revelation in the grand scheme of things.  At the end of the day, attackers still prefer target rich environments and Windows is still the most prevalent platform to target.  That said, vulnerabilities should be taken seriously on every platform because issues like spear phishing exist and criminals are more than willing to adjust their attack vector if the target is worth enough.