Why We Need Better Cyber Security: A Graphical Snapshot

This is a very interesting graphical representation about the cyber crime battle afoot in the world today.  This type of content can be invaluable in justifying efforts and expenses related to cyber security.


Twitter to Start Snooping – Feature or Data Mining Disaster?

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media applications have a unique opportunity to gather data from the majority of the general public due to their overwhelming proliferation in the lives of their users.  Twitter has publicly announced their most recent foray into data collection in the form of “app graph” which is supposed to give Twitter the ability to provide a better user experience.

Note that I refuse to say that this is Twitter’s first foray into the data mining of their users.  All social media apps thrive on the information they learn and know about their users.  At least this move is a public one and there are actions users can take to limit their exposure.  Sophos has provided those instructions and deeper dive into this process by Twitter in this article.


Happy Thanksgiving! – Don’t Forget the Tech to Go Along with Your Turkey

I have so many tremendous things to be thankful for this year, starting and ending with my salvation through the loving sacrifice of my Lord Jesus Christ .  He has blessed me with an amazing wife, wonderful children, and a loving family.  I have been honored to begin a new job with a fantastic consulting firm, Burk Consulting.  I am so grateful for all that I have in my life.

In the theme of this wonderful holiday, lets take a moment and give thanks for the great tech that makes our days so much more efficient and fun.  GFI is kicking off the party with this great list of 25 cool technologies.


Is Your Mobile POS Secure?

Jeff is right on point in his interpretation of the minefield that is mobile payment devices and what retailers should consider moving forward.  To repeat what Jeff said and continue to “beat the dead horse” of PCI as a security standard, the PCI DSS is an entry level baseline for IT Security and should be considered a starting point for merchant and not the ultimate goal.

Data Management Vs. Data Loss Prevention: Vive La Différence!

One of the greatest misunderstandings in corporate America today is the symbiotic relationship between data governance and IT security.  That is closely followed by a complete lack of understanding around Data Loss Prevention and the efforts such a project demands across the entire enterprise.  I intend to write more exhaustively on this topic, but this article from Dark Reading is a great baseline for the discussion.


Cyber Security Needs Its Ralph Nader

I really love the premise of this article.  The American people and in fact the people of world need an advocate for cyber security.  As I have written before in this blog, we are quickly becoming desensitized the impact of breaches in American retail environments, yet the risks are not going away.  In fact, they are statistically increasing along with the number of attacks.  Several journalists and security professionals are starting to step up, and chief among them is Brian Krebs.  But even Mr. Krebs would argue that cyber security needs more traction.  We are basically unsafe at any bandwidth speed.